Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chennai and its laws :-)

I am currently in Chennai for a six month internship. How i came here was itself a big story. Will definitely have to write about it later. For now, in the past one and odd months, i am giving up what i feel distinct about chennai and its people. How life in Chennai is and all that.

  • Law of Extremities: No matter how extreme in the side end of the road you drive, there is always someone who is driving extremer than you !! (Even if you are balancing your vehicle with one leg on the pedestrians platform, there is someone driving on the platform !!)

  • 0 or 1: (In velachery) either you walk or you swim, there is nothing in between.

  • Solitaire:You will be able to even finish a game of solitaire if you can drive at evening 6:30 in either mount road, sardar patel road, lattice bridge road andespecially in panagal park.

  • Murphy's first law of chennai local trains: No matter how free the other compartments are, most of the crowd in almost all the stations will always get into the compartment you are in.

  • Murphy's second law of chennai local trains: No matter what your destination is, there will be at least two trains in the opposite direction before you get a train in your direction

  • Law of drinks: When you are thirsty, there will always be a local shop when you look around where you can get ice cold flavoured drink. (mango, orange, lemon, fruit mixture, rose milk, badam milk, butter milk)

  • Police's law of two wheeler driving: No matter what rule you violate, Police will never catch you if you are driving between 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning and 5:30 to 8:00 in the evening.

  • Law of traffic signals: Either the traffic signal timer wont work, or it will show you the maximum time possible when the red light is on and you're staring at it.

  • Law of fights n screams: Everyday when you commute, you will see atleast one typical chennai tamil fight between someone or the other. (After all nature obey's newton's laws).

(Especially chennai ppl) Share your thoughts on comments :-)


  1. Parameshwar RamananJune 18, 2010 at 11:47 PM

    Welcome to Chennai!! :)

  2. Ter is yet another law called THE LAW OF CITY BUSES... It states , whenever u try to overtake a city bus on the proper right, either ter wud be someone overtaking de same on the left or the driver drives it right to overtake yet another bus..!!! (the direction is dynamic and depends upon the authenticity of the driver) !!

  3. I dont understand tat 0 or 1 thing da....