Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Friendship Day (Poem) !! :-)

Friends have always been a part and parcel of my day to day life. Today being world friendship day, i wish you all my friends a very happy day. I am where i am because of all your support. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for have being with me all the time.

Happy Friendship Day (Poem) !! :-)

Here I go, dedicate this rubbish poem (really??) which i have written, to all my friends !! HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY :-)


Somewhere i was born,
Somewhere i was christined,
But was it God's grace,
Or was it fate's good face,
Or my favoured fortune,
That i met you...

Somewhere i was brought up,
Something i was doing,
And When i met you,
I forgot the whole milky way,
And just turned up in your way,
Which made us the happiest in the galaxy...

When i was jumping in joy,
Your uttered, "I'm with you"...
When i was in weeping in sorrow,
Your sweet voice said, "I'm still with you"...

Who are you to me?
I don't find thy words in this langua,
That suits you the bestest...

I have kept you in my heart,
Tell me if it hurts,
When i breathe,
I'm ready to halt thy...

The earth is so small,
The world has shrunk,
But never our friendship did!!!
The way we move it through our hearts,
Made others say wow with an awe...

Our hearts know nothing,
But only purity,
And trustworthy,
And also thinking sweetly...
As we count the hours, minutes and seconds,
Our feelings move in a healthy way...
For we are the HaPpIeSt FeLLoWs...


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  1. Machan..from when onwards did u start writting poem ..and what made u do to take this kinda rash decisions :-p..anyway was good..Happy Friendship Day to u toooo..:-)