Saturday, September 25, 2010

Random Thoughts !!

Today has been a really depressing day and i thought i will feel better if i write about something. Its really odd hours and i am wondering why i am sitting and typing something which, most likely, no one might even bother to read. But still, ever since i started writing my blog, it is one thing that i have been really obsessed with.

I know this post will not make any sense as i just wanted to get over time and scribble something. Here are some random thoughts that i have had about my blog ever since i have started writing it.

  • I first started writing the blog inspired by one of my college senior varunkumar. You can visit his awesome blog here

  • At the first thought, there were a few questions within me that will naturally arise to anyone who wants to start a blog. At first, i answered these questions myself as follows:

    • What will i write about ? - Some personal stuff and some technical stuff and hence i decided the description of this blog to be “From geekiest to craziest”

    • Who will read my blog ? - I thought of targetting my twitter/facebook followers initially and since then, i have been updating about my blog posts in facebook and twitter.

    • What do i get out of writing a blog ? - I did not know the answer for this initially. But now, i have figured out that every time you keep the last full stop on your post, you feel the immense pleasure of being able to convey something that people will really read ( and also that you have written something that google will really show in its search results !! )

  • The name of my blog, as many might not understand it. “Je L’ai Dit” means “I Said It” in french. I have described about this in the “who am i” page of this blog. Anyways, its just a small denotion that whatever the content of my blog is, i am totally responsible for creating it.

  • My blog is powered by wordpress and i use the theme InSense.

  • My bad (or good) luck, google started denying adsense for sub-domains a week before is started my blog. Adsense terms now states that you can apply for adsense only with a top level domain and not a subdomain.

  • As many might have not known, my blog has an alias URL

As i said earlier, this post really does not makes much of sense, but it really has helped me to get my mind of out other things and given me a peace of mind. I really love my blog and i really love writing. Thanks to all you guys who have been keeping my blog going.

P.S.: I am not posting a status update on facebook/twitter about this post as it doesn't make sense.


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