Saturday, October 23, 2010

Doodle it up - My first google chrome extension !! :-)

Google is really a part and parcel of our daily life. It has become so inevitable to our daily lives. I have taken a bit of my time to quickly develop a simple Google Chrome Extension to customize your daily visits to google. Wouldn’t you love to see your own picture instead of the boring google logo everytime you open google’s homepage? Yes. This is exactly what this extension does.

Here are step-by-step instructions for installing the extension:

  • Download the extension from here

  • Install the extension by clicking "Continue"

  • Confirm the installation by clicking "Install"

  • You will see the confirmation message

  • Goto chrome://extensions and click on options under "Doodle it up" extension

  • In the page that opens up, enter the URL of the image and then click on Save Settings

  • Now, goto Google and Voila! you have your own image instead of the Google logo!

Please post your comments/suggestions as comments.



  1. dei dei !!! ... awesome da :) .. though am not able to visualize the effort it requires to do .... jus wondering abt ur passion towards pgming !! ... born genius :)

  2. Machi. This is a simple extension. It doesn't require much effort. Clear understanding of basic concepts will make it a simple task.

    Thanks anyways! :-)

  3. oh .. anyways .. nice concepts :)

  4. Amazing concepts da, you have real google concepts

  5. gethu concepts.. super idea.. :-)

  6. I am proud to be your brother :-) This is really very nice!!!!