Friday, November 12, 2010

Madarasapattinam and Me !! :-)

I was sitting all alone in podanur railway station (podanur is to coimbatore is what tambaram/perambur is to chennai) awaiting my train to chennai. I had arrived an hour early than the scheduled time just to know that the train was late by half an hour, leaving me a solitude wait of one and half hours. I really liked the peaceful environment with gentle breeze flowering across my face. If I was like before, I would have just been irritated that i would have to wait alone for one and half hours. But then, I had all the feelings about the past awesome six months rushing up to me. And I was involuntarily forced to open my blog and start sharing them. As the title suggests, people who aren't interested in me lamenting about stuff I like and stuff I'm gonna miss, please feel free to press Ctrl+W (frankly I know that you don't really care if I miss velachery railway station or not)

Long story short

Past six months have been awesome and I have really been at the efficient frontier of my life. But sadly, everything has to come to an end. The internship is about to end in a few days and I already couldn't stop feeling bad about the things I'm gonna miss. On the whole, I will miss chennai, I will miss efficient frontier and I will miss everything that has been keeping me going for the past six months.

Madarasapattinam and Me !! :-)

Short story long

It just seems like yesterday that I stepped into the seventh floor of chamiers towers (well known as satyam building), but all of a sudden, six long months have passed in a jiffy. There have been many life cheering moments over the course of this internship.

I have had many wonderful moments. A bulleted list won't hurt after all:

  • The daily bike rides to office! (13 kms one way)

  • Breakfast at the near by mess!

  • Velachery Sangeethas T20 (the offer still continues as T30 - velachery folks, dont miss it!)

  • 5 working days = 5 different cuisines for lunch (Andhra, Punjab, China, Italy, Delhi, Tamilnadu)

  • Heavenly mini noon naps in bean bags!

  • Non-stop free flowing discussions about work!

  • Non-stop fun in the entertainment area (more on the upcoming post..)

  • Besant Nagar Beach with friends in the evening!

  • Dinner daily at some random shop!

  • Maintaining accounts (thinking before every swipe of the card and every rupee out of the wallet)

  • And of course the work!

  • Fighting online for tatkal tickets to and fro home for long weekends!

  • Listening to songs almost 8 hours a day

Another such lamenting is coming up soon!


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