Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Playing With Technology - Break Bob's Account!


In this edition of Playing With Technology, we have yet another simple challenge. Go ahead and enjoy it!


Bob is a famous underworld hacker. His systems are known to be of proven security. He has recently launched a public website to which only very few of his friends have access. He has an admin account where he manages all the user accounts. Your goal is to login into the admin account and find the secret key! Bob generally is too confident about is system's secureness and hence he chooses only passwords of length 4. Also, he enforces an hourly limit of 30 hits to his website. As with the previous hack, clues and hints can lie anywhere and everywhere!

Bob's Website:
Username: admin
Password Length: 4
Hourly Limit: 30 requests per hour!

Once you find the key, Post it as a comment in this post. I will approve all the comments once i reveal the answer and will aggregate all the correct responses along with the answer.



  1. sqlinjectionrocks is the key :)

  2. sqlinjectionrocks123 is the key now.....tried it it :)

  3. sqlinjectionrocks123

  4. anna i have no idea of this can u teach me this

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