Monday, November 15, 2010

Playing with Technology (PWT) - Reach Alice's Website !

Hey folks,

This is my first series called "Playing with Technology (PWT)". I will post an interesting real time question related to some technology for you to play around with. It will involve anything and everything i am familiar with. You may have to write scripts, perform hacks, etc. There are no rewards involved. It is just to share the minimal knowledge i possess in the form of an interactive series.

PWT will kick off today with a very simple real time hack that i call as "Reach Alice's Website". Go ahead and enjoy the hack.


Alice (yes, our same good old friend Alice) owns a website. Recently, her website was acquired by Hackers World Inc. ( The CEO of Hackers World considers this acquisition as a very confidential one and decides that all traffic to Alice website should only come through Hackers World website. But the sad part is that, Hackers World website is accessible only to the employees of Hackers World. Your goal, being a hacker, is to somehow reach Alice's website through Hackers World website and acquire the secret key from there!

Alice's Website:
Hackers World Website:

Remember clues can be lying/hiding in anywhere!

Once you find the key, Post it as a comment in this post. I will approve all the comments once i reveal the answer and will aggregate all the correct responses along with the answer.

Update: The solution has been posted here