Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating women’s day!

No crackers explode, No fireworks lighten up the sky, but year after year we celebrate womanhood with simplicity and i would like to take this time off to wish all the women i know in my life a very happy women’s day.

Happy women’s day

A woman is always special for a man. Though the fights and arguments about male chauvinism may exist on the lower layer of the society, i have always felt that the population belonging to our generation always treated women as equally as men. Not to stir any discussions about it, i just want to say thanks to every single woman (or girl probably) who has helped me over various points of my life.

Adage goes that, “Behind every man’s success lies a silent woman” and i couldn’t find a better quote to describe this wonderful day where we celebrate womanhood. Be it your better half, your sister, your mom, or any other friend, they always make you feel special and always show you rays of happiness.

Happy woman’s day everyone!


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