Monday, February 27, 2012

DOMCA - Days of my lives!

Note: This is a personal article about my college.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Applications, more commonly known as DOMCA within PSG Tech. It is the place where i spent 5 years of my college education. I have come across many students who have been a part of this department over the past 10 years, mostly through social media like twitter or facebook. But nowhere have i seen an article/post that talks about the fame and pride of this department. So I decided to do that part and this article is my small contribution to the department where i lived for 5 fun filled years.

To begin with, the department offers 4 masters programmes none of which is a BE/BTech/ME/MTech programme. Now, its really tricky to be in an engineering college, especially one of calibre as high as PSG Tech, and to belong to a department that doesn’t have an engineering programme. There will be a lot of internal politics and complexes going on among students between engineering and non-engineering stream within the college, and obviously DOMCA’ites find themselves in the minority (as there are around 15 to 20 different engineering programmes compared to 4 programmes in DOMCA).

But despite all that, the department have managed to produce students of world quality (yes, you read it right, i said “world” quality) excelling in mix of qualities. Its more of a “you name it, we have it” kind of place. Starting from the orientation talk on my very first day, to the last hour of class I attended and the last exam i wrote in my 5th year, i thoroughly enjoyed every single moment i spent in the department.

Key #1 to any department is their students. None of the programmes offered by DOMCA admits students through the government’s single window system, which means there are no school level state toppers in DOMCA. Yet, we somehow manage to groom ourselves through five awesome years of college experience that gives you an example for almost every possible situation that you would ever face in your life.
Key #2 to any department is their faculties. I am not going to claim that all the faculties are awesome. Some of them are really top notch (by this, i mean "world" class). Some of them are lame. But what makes DOMCA faculties unique is their willingness to learn, their willingness to teach us what we want rather than teaching us whats prescribed in the syllabus.
An even more important factor that decides the success of any department is student-faculty interaction. This is something that i personally think DOMCA nails to perfection. All faculties are friendly. Some of them, "literally" friendly. Whenever you have a problem, academic or personal they are there to help you out. I can even quote some of them as best examples of purity by heart.

Every person who is at DOMCA right now, or who are going to be a part of this wonderful place, rejoice it. Your sophisticated office cubes can never match TCS Lab. Your super duper fast multi core giant machine in office can never beat the fun offered by the dabbas in CC. I really wish i could be back at the department some day.

There are a lot of shortcomings, but in the long run, you hardly remember the shortcomings as you remember the good things. So, that's where this post is coming from, all the good things i have been through in the past five years.

This may not be Carnegie Mellon. This may not be Stanford. But our hearts really are proud every time we quote that we are from DOMCA in PSG Tech. So, according to me and possibly many others who were a part of this wonderful department, this isn’t just a department where they teach you subjects, this is an ecosystem that has been built upon human values.

To quote Sheldon, “I love PSG Tech, But my feelings for DOMCA are much greater. It is the singular location in space around which revolved my entire universe."


Friday, February 10, 2012

Social Photos - Move photos between Google+, Flickr and Facebook!

Introducing Social Photos -

A spin off project from my earlier Orkut Deja Vu. This cool web app lets you transfer photos between Google+, Facebook and Flickr using an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Do check it out and leave your feedbacks! :) Once again, the URL is