Thursday, September 20, 2012

On Leaving India!

Warning: This is a random rant. And some of you may not be ok with the attitude of this rant.

It's almost time and I'm all set to leave India for the first time and it is probably for my good. It is a bit ironic that of all people I've been the one chosen to leave the country at such an early stage of life. As my email id goes, few months back, i had the least idea that i would go out of the country and that too as a long term business. Nevertheless, it's hard to turn down when your lifelong dream calls you to make a choice between itself and the country you love.

I've been known among my friends and family to often pass off niche comments whenever I'm asked about going to another country for a long term. And truly, by heart, even now i cannot think of settling down permanently in country other than India. So I've been in extremely mixed emotions about this. I'm not saying it was a hard choice to make, the choice i had to make was damn easy. But somewhere in the corner of the heart it pricks a little bit as i am actually about to go through with it. Nevertheless I'm damn excited on this new phase of my life. It has really moved very fast so far.

As most of you might already know, I'm now formally engaged to my long term girl friend Gayathri. She is the most amazing human being I've ever met in my life. So naturally, this adds even more excitement to my trip given that marriage is around the corner. In a way, I'm more excited about coming back here for marriage than about going there and taking up my first job.

Personally this journey is a big step for me as I've never gone beyond South India most of my life. Bangalore and Hyderabad have been my borders except for one Delhi trip during college. So I'm half excited and half scared to face the new geography, new culture and what not. Everything is a bit overwhelming, I'm gonna be staying right across the road from Stanford for my first few weeks there.

Off late the only question I'm being asked by everyone is "Are you gonna permanently settle down in the US?". I really don't know the answer for this question. All my life i never thought I'd set foot in another country for a long time. But here i am all excited about how things have turned over in a few months. So I'm not really in the mindset of planning for the long term. Deep down the heart i wish to be back in India sometime in the future.

I'll conclude this almost pointless rant by saying i will miss a lot of things about Indian lifestyle but I'm looking forward to the most important phase of my life and I'm not a least bit sad about it not being in India.

And hey, I'm getting married on March 4, 2013 in Chennai. I will surely invite every one of you personally later, just book your calendar for that date right away :-)