Friday, September 20, 2013

Bucket List of People to Meet in Lifetime!

We all love meeting celebrities. Because of the geography that I live in right now, I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few of them over the past year.

I always had this list of people to meet in person before I die in my mind. Until a year ago, It was mostly more of a fantasy list. But once I moved to where I am now, the fantasy started becoming reality. So I wanted to transfer that list from my brain to a document so that I don't miss out on anyone if an opportunity knocks on the door.

Here is the list (in no particular order):

PersonWho/What/Why?Met/Been There?Note/Souvenir
Thierry HenryThe person I respect the most in the world.No-
Don KnuthFather of modern computer science.No-
Dennis RitchieFounder of C (The R in K&R).Not possible anymore!-
Brian KernighanFounder of C (The K in K&R).Yes2013-06-20: Autograph
Linus TorvaldsFounder of Linux and Git. Strongly believes in whatever he believes in.No-
Robert LoveA huge contributor to the Linux kernel.Yes2013-06-13: Autograph
Bjarne StroustrupFounder of C++.Yes2013-08-15: Picture with him & Autograph
Randall MunroeHe is a hero of mine and worship his sense of Sarcasm and WitNo-
Matthew PerryMy most favorite actor in the world.No-
Lisa KudrowMy most favorite actress in the world.No-
Michael SchumacherHe was a huge inspiration as i grew up watching him win.No-
Larry & SergeyMy role models in life.YesEvery Fridays (now every Thursdays).
Matt CuttsOne of the early employees of Google and famous for his work on Web Spam.Yes2012-12-20: Lunch
Jeff DeanThe most bad-ass engineer ever.Yes2013-01-22: A walk around Charleston Park
Stade De FranceMy most favorite football stadium in the world.No-
Nou CampThe holy grail of football.No-
The Corrs (Sharon Corr)My most favorite band and most favorite violinist.No-
Felicity HuffmanHer character's attitude in Desperate Housewives resembles almost 100% that of my wife.No-
Jim ParsonsWho wouldn't wanna meet him?No-
Ramsus LerdorfFounder of PHP. The language i have written most of my code in.No-
Jeffrey ArcherMost favorite author in the world.No-
Paolo MaldiniI grew up watching him play. Perfect combination of style and class.No-
Arsene WengerI grew up watching him. One of the most inspirational people.No-
Vint CerfThe reason why we all have a job. Founder of TCP.Yes2012-11-20: Said hi and shook hands
Kunnakudi VaidyanathanA person who can talk with violin.Not possible anymore!-
Ron RivestThe R in RSA.No-
Petr MitrichevHas been Topcoder #1 for many years.No-
Mary Lynn RajskubSecond most favorite actress.No-

I will try to keep this list updated mostly as a record for myself rather than for the world to see.


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  1. May you be blessed to meet everyone of them ( even many more... ) in your life span :)