Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stand-up Paddleboarding!

Off late, we have developed a curious obsession. It's made our weekends much more awesome and active (physically).

Most people here either hike or bike on weekends to keep themselves physically active. I hated hiking mostly because it was sweaty and i just was not physically cut for it. I have tried it a bunch of times in the past and failed to develop any liking towards it whatsoever.

Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP)!

Gayathri is a huge fan of water related activities. We started out with basic kayak'ing in a near by lake. As we did that, i found that to be super fun. It was literally like sitting on water. We could go at our own pace and it was awesome. As we did that, we started awe'ing at people who did stuff which seemed even more fun - like Stand-up paddleboarding, Wind surfing and Kite boarding.

We decided to give Stand-up Paddleboarding a shot (SUP) as that was the activity that seemed the most fun with the least learning curve. And boy, it was really one of the best decisions we have ever made in life. It was like kayaking, but way better. You were further closer to water, you could stand, sit, kneel, lie down (and even do some yoga while you are at it). You were figuratively walking on water with something easily maneuverable. It was amazing.

Who needs life jackets in the middle of a ~30ft lagoon ...

We are still looking forward to paddleboarding in the pacific ocean (so far did only in lakes and lagoons where the water is fairly still). We are also looking forward to learning the more harder water activites like Wind Surfing and Kite Boarding.

You can literally sleep on water ...

Until then, I highly recommend trying out SUP. Just go to a near by lake this weekend and rent one. I promise you, it will be totally worth it.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Arsenal Obsession #COYG

Despite being raised in India, there has pretty much been only one sport which always appealed to me. It's football (ugh, soccer). And ever since I was a kid (before moving to the states), I have been a fan of one team and one team only. Whenever i describe myself (even on online forums like Twitter Bio, etc.), I always take pride in being an Arsenal fan.

So much so that it's part of our living room!

Life on the Pacific Coast

I moved to the states about two and half years ago and the Arsenal fan in me had a very interesting situation ahead. European football games typically happen on weekend and kick-off is usually somewhere between Noon and 5PM local time. For Arsenal, local time happens to be London time, which is 8 hours ahead my local time, thereby making the US west coast to be the worst possible region to live in for a European football fan. For a game starting at noon in London, i have to be up by 4AM. That's right, 4AM!

Because of this, my typical weekend looks like this:

Say the game is on Sunday at 1PM London Time.
  • I'm usually out on Saturday nights pretty late (either a movie or something else).
  • Back home around midnight.
  • Spend some time playing games or watching something on TV.
  • It's around 2PM or so at this point and dilemma ensues. Do i stay awake for 3 more hours and watch the game, or should i get some sleep (and risk missing the game by oversleeping)?
  • More than often, i end up staying awake the whole night.
  • Watch the game.
  • Sudden existential crisis for the rest of Sunday. What now?

Twitter Effect

When i was in school, we watched games as a group. Always as a group. When i moved to the states, I have been meaning to go to a sports bar and enjoy the game with a supporters group. But i have not managed to do so even once (usually because of the ungodly hours).

Twitter came to the rescue. I usually tweet a lot during the game (and annoy the crap out of my non-football friends) and i have made a lot of new friends (living on various parts of the world) because of that. I now really feel that watching the game with Twitter feed open is as good as watching it with friends. And there's always casualties (TV Remote being the worst victim).


I'm slowly getting towards a point where i might be able to afford to fly to London once or twice during a season. I am really looking forward to making it a habit of attending one or two games every season in person.

And by the way, for the uninitiated, #COYG = Come On You Gunners.

Happy February Everyone!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tis The Season - 2014!


This is me with another attempt in vain to remind myself that i should write more.

2014 has been wonderful. Lot of memorable moments. First full year as a married person. A wife who loves you more than the world. A job that, well, i really have no words to describe it, it's that good. I could not have imagined a better life.

The year started just like any other. The first big moment was in March where we celebrated our first anniversary.

And then along came a pretty sweet moment at work. I got an opportunity to give a recorded-talk at Google I/O, Google's annual developer conference. It was a big deal as developers from all over Earth tune into it.

Then thanks to my girl we got to spend the summer in Seattle as she was taking up an internship there. It was three awesome months that encompassed a wide range of cool things like living across the street from Space Needle, flying on a sea plane, an awesome trip to the island capital of British Columbia. Not to mention, getting away from the heat of California's summer.

Along came October where there was a really fun filled party for her birthday.

Then came the holidays where we did crazy things like reaching 130ft beneath the Pacific Ocean on a submarine.

126ft beneath the Pacific Ocean!

I am writing this as we pack our stuff headed to celebrate the dawn of 2015 in random parts of the California West Coast.

Until then, Mahalo & Happy new year 2015!

To end this post, a random quote from Phoebe that always makes me laugh - "If you wanna receive email about my upcoming shows, please give me money so that i can buy a computer".


P.S.: I cheated in this post by including more pictures than words. Although, i really hope that i will write more in 2015!