WhO aM I?

Note: This page was written years back when i was still new to writing. So it may sound funny in today's context. I am leaving it unmodified (except for the part about my job) to cherish the old memory. :-)

Ok. Here i go, taking intense pain in filling up this who am i page as i fall asleep the moment i think of writing about myself for a looooong page. So to KISS (Keep It Short and Simple :P), as you have come to see my weblog, i presume you know me by some mean or the other and hence an introduction about myself is the least you would care about.

Well, if you know me very well, and still wanna know what i have written about myself, read on.

As you might know from the name of the blog url, my name is vignesh. I did my masters with a (humble) institution known as PSG Tech which is located in the manchester of South India. I currently work for the company where this blog is hosted (also known to own the website named www.google.com) in its global HQ. Personally, I am engaged to a beautiful woman and waiting to get married on early 2013.

I really do not know what more to write about myself :-D So i will stop right here before you utter *!%$#!@ from your mouth. Focussing on the content of this weblog, i am planning to scribble anything and everything i come across in my day to day life. (Being an open source enthusiast) I wanna share all the technical knowledge that i can share. So this blog will be the right combo of everything right from the geekiest to the craziest.. :-) :-)

Ok enough about me. Now a little bit about the blog. At first it might seem like yet another technical blog that rampants about recent technology. I might argue that it is not. My aim is not to rewrite something that someone has already written. I try to explain everything in a lucid manner so that everyone can understand the basic new technology that is evolving day by day.

And yeah, whats with this "Je L'ai Dit" ?? It means "I said it" in french. It is to symbolize that whatever is there in this blog is written by me and not derived from anywhere else (unless stated). I solely own the copyright for all the contents here :P



Even a stopped clock shows correct time twice a day (p.s.: provided its an analog clock) :-)

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  1. nice reading your blog! spectacular technical mind you've... keep rocking :) :P