Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Search Engines and Je L'ai Dit :-)

I was recently wondering whether search engines would be able to pick my blog up and decided to perform an analysis by egosurfing. First of all, what is egosurfing? It is a term that i have picked up recently, it means browsing the internet about yourself to see how famous you are online :-)

Search Engines and Je L'ai Dit

Here are the results from google. (Read it as "query - result")

  • Je L'ai Dit - 8th result in 2nd page (17th overall)

  • "Je L'ai Dit" (with quotes) - 7th result

  • geekiest to craziest - 10th result

  • "geekiest to craziest" (with quotes) - 1st and the only result

  • from geekiest to craziest - 5th result

  • "from geekiest to craziest" (with quotes) - 1st and the only result

  • vignesh foamsnet - 1st result

  • irctc tcp ip - 16th result

  • google caffeine vignesh - 1st result

  • "chennai and its laws" - 1st result

As my access logs say, yahoo and bing haven't picked up my blog at all yet. I strongly feel this is where google stands out. My blog doesn't get linked from anywhere apart from my facebook and twitter posts. Yet google somehow managed to locate and index it. For now, google is crawling my blog at a very low frequency rate. Hope it increases as i start posting regularly. :-)



  1. Add these

    ubuntu vignesh - 1st result -
    vignesh wiki - 3rd result
    irctc tcp urg flag - 2nd result
    vignesh irctc - 1st result
    foamsnet irctc - 1st result
    vignesh dit - 3rd result
    foamsnet dit - 1st result

    Give a link to somewhere from your blog

  2. cool :-) and why do you insist on a link to that wiki from my blog?