Monday, September 20, 2010

Experience in Express Avenue Mall :-)

I came to express avenue mall with my friend santy for a second show movie at Escape Cinemas (Inidhu inidhu at screen weave - 10.00 PM show). I'm writing this post as we came a bit early to the mall, we entered the arena around half an hour early than the scheduled start of the movie. This is the first time I am seeing a cinema hall totally empty before a show. We clicked a few pics of the brand new escape theatre interiors.

Experience in Express Avenue Mall :-)

A few quick facts that I've known/observed about Chennai's newest mall.

  • Express Avenue mall claims that it is the biggest mall in southern Asia (though I'm not sure about how true is it as I've heard that ambiance mall in gurgaon is bigger).

  • As with any other mall in chennai, all the shops are heftily overpriced and as a result whole of the weekend crowd bombards the relatively inexpensive food court (as food is costly almost everywhere in chennai these days) which creates a moor market like atmosphere in here.

  • Almost all the adult girls come with a pair and many gangs of guys can be seen. So, if you are a single guy and you came here looking for girls, clearly your are in the wrong place.

  • Weirdly, this place doesn't have much places to sit and spend time (even very limited sitting places available seem to be occupied always) and hence this is not a place to come when you're tired.

  • If you are planning for a gathering here and its the first time you're visiting, then make sure to define a good meeting point, as even the mall security doesn't seem to know the gate numbers properly.

  • Don't forget to note the area code and the color code of where you park your bike or else you are sure to spend a solid time searching it. And I think the same holds for cars too.

Overall, this is a good place to visit once in a while. Especially, it is good to visit here on a weekday to avoid the crowd. Chennai atlast has a mall that has international standards (really!!).

Visited Express Avenue Mall before ? Share your thoughts about it on comments.

P.S.: This is another post that is keyed in using swype. :-)



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  2. ya da it was very huge :) .. v went there on the day v left to kolkata ;)

  3. I don think EA is a 'no different' mall. It is more like Ub city of Bangalore

  4. Forgot to add this. People in Ub City also claim that as a 'largest mall of South India'