Sunday, September 5, 2010

Google Chrome's Second Birthday !! :-)

Google chrome celebrated its second birthday two days back. Its been exactly two years before I read the official post in google blog stating that it is going to launch an open source web browser. I was surprised and was very excited to try it out at that time. Ever since then, i have been using only google chrome for all my primary internet work. And as a trademark google product, it has shown very rapid scale of development and it has matured a lot since the first release.

Along with its second birthday, google chrome version 6 has been released on the same day. The first thing i liked about google chrome release is the comic strip that they released along with it which beautifully explains the internals of google chrome in such a way that from tom, dick and harry to gnu, kde and dll guys can understand. If you have missed the comic strip, you can have a look at it here.

Google chrome currently holds 7.52% of the total market share of web browsers (Source). Surely it is very less when compared to Internet Explorer (60.4%) and Mozilla Firefox(22.93%) whereas chrome is relatively new and has had just two years when compared to Opera which, after 10+ years in the market, holds just 2.37% of the share. The key to chrome's success was that it always focussed on speed and simplicity. Apart from that the HTML5 support is being top notch. Since the project was started almost when HTML5 started to evolve, it is easy for chrome to easily adapt to HTML5 rather than other browsers whose code roots dates back years.

Google Chrome's Second Birthday

Here is an excerpt from chrome's official blog on its second birthday:
"Since Chrome’s first beta launch for Windows, we’ve brought our Mac and Linux versions up to speed, and continued to make the browser faster, simpler, and safer across all three platforms. We’ve also introduced a boatload of features, including a more customizable New Tab page, browser themes, side-by-side view, password manager, better privacy controls, built-in Adobe Flash Player, Autofill, automatic translation, HTML5 capabilities and synchronization of various settings such as bookmarks, themes, extensions and browser preferences—just to name a few. Finally, there are now more than 6,000 extensions in our gallery to enhance your browsing experience."

It is really amazing how big a product can get in a matter of two years. To me, when you are a company as big as google, i don't think there is any such thing as a small scale product release. Everything you do is in the scale of billions and trillions. Google Chrome has made my road in the web much better.

Here are some useful extensions that i have been using:

  • Google Mail Checker - Google Chrome version of Gmail Notifier

  • Google Similar Pages - A beta tool that suggests you pages similar to the current page

  • Google Translate - A really awesome plugin that suggests you and translates if a page is in a non-english language

  • TabJump - An intelligent way to group and navigate between your tabs

  • TinEye Reverse Image Search - More about this here

  • Chrome Bird - A twitter extension

Share your two year memories with Chrome on comments :-)


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