Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Plant that lives on Facebook !! :-)

I recently came to know this plant that relies on facebook for its life. We all would have learnt in our secondary school that plants live with carbon-di-oxide and photosynthesis. But now, here is an innovation that connects the virtual and the physical worlds.

With the basic theme as, plants don't just grow with the things that we have learnt in our high school botany. Coming under the category of living things, they also require love, care and attention to grow. Connecting the offline and the online worlds has always been something i wanted to do and this is a project that has made me look at it with an awe.

This project, named Meet Eater, has been running since May and currently (September 2, 2010) has 3041 likes (including mine). This has been developed by John Bashkim belonging to the University of Queensland, Australia. The plant grows based upon the human interaction with it using facebook. It gets it nutrients when people become friends with it, write in its wall, etc. It even replies back to your posts (of course by a backstage human controlling its profile).

A plant that lives on facebook !! :-)

This is how Bashkim describes the plant:
"Meet Eater is a plant, but not one we're used to. This plant is watered upon the receipt of physical interaction, when it makes friends on Facebook and when people write on its wall. Behind this project is the idea that by introducing both physical and virtual levels of interaction the plant is able to make the move from being an object to being a creature. A creature you can become friends with on the Internet no less."

The facebook page has a link to view the live cam, where you can see the beautiful innovation in action. The Meet Eater garden is situated in the State Library of Queensland.

The facebook page also says:
"Meet Eater is rigged up with a system to register physical contact and social media interaction. Watering is triggered by human contact and nutrients are delivered when you start hanging out with it on Facebook."

A plant that lives on facebook !! :-)

So, go hang out with Meet Eater and thereby help it grow. Here is a link to the facebook page of Meet Eater.

Note: Thanks to mashable and allfacebook for the pictures.



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