Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Playing With Technology - Break Bob's Account!


In this edition of Playing With Technology, we have yet another simple challenge. Go ahead and enjoy it!


Bob is a famous underworld hacker. His systems are known to be of proven security. He has recently launched a public website to which only very few of his friends have access. He has an admin account where he manages all the user accounts. Your goal is to login into the admin account and find the secret key! Bob generally is too confident about is system's secureness and hence he chooses only passwords of length 4. Also, he enforces an hourly limit of 30 hits to his website. As with the previous hack, clues and hints can lie anywhere and everywhere!

Bob's Website:
Username: admin
Password Length: 4
Hourly Limit: 30 requests per hour!

Once you find the key, Post it as a comment in this post. I will approve all the comments once i reveal the answer and will aggregate all the correct responses along with the answer.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Last Day of Internship !! :-(

Today is the last day of my full time internship with my employer. Here is a small dedication to all my colleagues and friends who have made my past 7 months the happiest 7 months of my life. I will miss you all!

Last Day of Internship !! :-(


I came here hoping to learn,
Which I've done in excess..
I came here hoping to have fun,
Which I've done is excess..
I came here hoping to gain new friends,
Which I've done in excess..
For i never thought,
This place would be excessive of excesses !!


There’s one thing that i ought not forget to mention,
The daily lunch..
We discuss minutes together where to go for,
The daily lunch..
And mostly end up changing the decision,
In the lift..

Supriya, Biriyani Express, Mast Kalandar,
Saravana Bhavan, Just Orient..
These are the places that i’d never would forget..
Thanks for all the memories..

Carrom and Chess..

We aim at the black,
We aim at the white,
We aim at the red,
But all we hit is,
The one we never aimed..
Yet we never get bored..
We’ve had spectacular wins,
That even kieron pollard could not have done..
We’ve had spectacular losses,
That even a second grade child could have done..
This is the place where i learnt,
Even chess can be a team game..
It will be a sin,
If i don’t mention the place,
That gave all the laughter..


Though it may not be permanent..
Its really hard to say good bye,
To such an awesome place of work..
With tears in eyes, and lump in throat,
Adios.. Au revoir.. Farewell..
Life has really been Happier,
Thanks to Efficient Frontier !!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PWT Solution - Reach Alice's Website

Hey guys,

Thanks for the overwhelming response for the first PWT post. Here is the solution and explanation for "Reach Alice's Website" hack.

You can view the question here.

To give away the solution in a briefly, it is about "HTTP Referer field in the request". HTTP requests can have a field known as the "Referer" which will contain the URL of the point of origin of that particular request. By looking at the Referer, the current page can find out where that particular request came from. Since it is easily forgeable (like in this hack), referers are generally used only for statistical purposes and none of the application level logic will rely on this field.

So yeah, the solution is, just send a HTTP request with the "Referer" set as "" and you will get the key.

Here is a sample request without the Referer field set:

Here is a sample request with the Referer field set:

List of persons who completed this task

Please view their original comments to see how they did it.

Congrats to all of you !

The good response that i have got for this post will definitely keep me going about PWT! Thanks guys!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Playing with Technology (PWT) - Reach Alice's Website !

Hey folks,

This is my first series called "Playing with Technology (PWT)". I will post an interesting real time question related to some technology for you to play around with. It will involve anything and everything i am familiar with. You may have to write scripts, perform hacks, etc. There are no rewards involved. It is just to share the minimal knowledge i possess in the form of an interactive series.

PWT will kick off today with a very simple real time hack that i call as "Reach Alice's Website". Go ahead and enjoy the hack.


Alice (yes, our same good old friend Alice) owns a website. Recently, her website was acquired by Hackers World Inc. ( The CEO of Hackers World considers this acquisition as a very confidential one and decides that all traffic to Alice website should only come through Hackers World website. But the sad part is that, Hackers World website is accessible only to the employees of Hackers World. Your goal, being a hacker, is to somehow reach Alice's website through Hackers World website and acquire the secret key from there!

Alice's Website:
Hackers World Website:

Remember clues can be lying/hiding in anywhere!

Once you find the key, Post it as a comment in this post. I will approve all the comments once i reveal the answer and will aggregate all the correct responses along with the answer.

Update: The solution has been posted here


Friday, November 12, 2010

Madarasapattinam and Me !! :-)

I was sitting all alone in podanur railway station (podanur is to coimbatore is what tambaram/perambur is to chennai) awaiting my train to chennai. I had arrived an hour early than the scheduled time just to know that the train was late by half an hour, leaving me a solitude wait of one and half hours. I really liked the peaceful environment with gentle breeze flowering across my face. If I was like before, I would have just been irritated that i would have to wait alone for one and half hours. But then, I had all the feelings about the past awesome six months rushing up to me. And I was involuntarily forced to open my blog and start sharing them. As the title suggests, people who aren't interested in me lamenting about stuff I like and stuff I'm gonna miss, please feel free to press Ctrl+W (frankly I know that you don't really care if I miss velachery railway station or not)

Long story short

Past six months have been awesome and I have really been at the efficient frontier of my life. But sadly, everything has to come to an end. The internship is about to end in a few days and I already couldn't stop feeling bad about the things I'm gonna miss. On the whole, I will miss chennai, I will miss efficient frontier and I will miss everything that has been keeping me going for the past six months.

Madarasapattinam and Me !! :-)

Short story long

It just seems like yesterday that I stepped into the seventh floor of chamiers towers (well known as satyam building), but all of a sudden, six long months have passed in a jiffy. There have been many life cheering moments over the course of this internship.

I have had many wonderful moments. A bulleted list won't hurt after all:

  • The daily bike rides to office! (13 kms one way)

  • Breakfast at the near by mess!

  • Velachery Sangeethas T20 (the offer still continues as T30 - velachery folks, dont miss it!)

  • 5 working days = 5 different cuisines for lunch (Andhra, Punjab, China, Italy, Delhi, Tamilnadu)

  • Heavenly mini noon naps in bean bags!

  • Non-stop free flowing discussions about work!

  • Non-stop fun in the entertainment area (more on the upcoming post..)

  • Besant Nagar Beach with friends in the evening!

  • Dinner daily at some random shop!

  • Maintaining accounts (thinking before every swipe of the card and every rupee out of the wallet)

  • And of course the work!

  • Fighting online for tatkal tickets to and fro home for long weekends!

  • Listening to songs almost 8 hours a day

Another such lamenting is coming up soon!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Festival of lights is here !! :-)

Hey folks,

The festival of lights is here. We are all gearing up to celebrate the death of narahasuran in a high fashioned manner after these many decades. I just want to take this time off and wish you all a very happy deepavali.

Festival of lights is here !! :-)

Here is a small one for all the rajinikanth dudes!

இனிய தீபாவளி நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள். இந்த தீபாவளி தினத்தை உங்கள் சுற்றார் மற்றும் உறவினர்களோடு கொண்டாடி மகிழுங்கள்.