Sunday, December 19, 2010

Improved IRCTC Ticket Booking - Google Chrome Extension

*Note: This extension does not work anymore and I have stopped updating it. Please do not contact regards to this*

AutoIRCTC! - A Google Chrome extension that helps in speeding up the IRCTC ticket booking process.

Scripting has always interested me and being a reasonably active member of the internet community, i always tried to customize the road of web i travel to my likes and needs. This is one such script that i thought will be helpful if shared. So i have added minimal features to the script i have been using personally for quite a while now. It has really helped me speed up the ticket booking process.

Features include:
  • Automatic Login
  • Swap from and to stations in a single click
  • See all the trains availability in a single screen
  • Pre-fill the passenger details

Download: You can download the extension from here!

Instructions and Screenshots
  • Accept the warning and click on continue

  • Click on Install

  • After the installation is complete, You will see a confirmation like this:

  • Also, you can view AutoIRCTC in the list of extensions in chrome://extensions
  • Now, when you visit, you will see a small icon next to the bookmark star. Clicking on that icon will give you a pop up where you can configure your settings. If you leave the login credentials empty, then auto login will be disabled. Click on "Save Settings" after you have entered your details.
  • Now, when you reload your page, you will be automatically logged into IRCTC. And instantly, you will be able to notice the "Swap from and to" option under "Plan my travel". This button helps you to swap the from and to cities without making an unnecessary server request.
  • Enter your travel city and date. Now you will be able to see the availability of all trains matching your criteria in a single screen. Also, the page has been cleaned up to now show First class AC and First class (if you are making a first class booking, then disable the extension and go ahead as usual). The default class to check availability for can be changed by clicking the page icon near the bookmark star.
  • Now, in the passenger details form, you can see that it has been pre-filled with your data thereby avoiding your need to type your details every time (Note that pre-filling senior citizen is not supported in this version).
  • The quick book form too will be pre-filled with your data.
  • After these steps, proceed as usual for payment options and complete your ticket booking.

The purpose of this extension is to increase the ticket booking experience of a common man and it no way intended to be commercial. Using this extension does not guarantee your ticket booking. Its just a minor enhancement to the ugly IRCTC user-interface.

I am still a beginner to the world of Google Chrome extensions. So you are sure to find a lot of bugs. In case of any feedbacks/issues, please write to me at (please click to view the full address).



  1. Hey Vignesh :-)

    Believe me...! This extension will create revolution in the era of irctc bookings :-)

    May you contribute many more gadgets like this to help the common man living in this geeky world :-)

    You will achieve very great heights in life....!

    ~ Nagarajan

  2. dear vignesh
    This the very best ext. for the real travelers.thanks to you.
    but mr. vignesh one problem in ext. that train availability list doesn't appears in the chrome so can u help me out for the same plz. my email: