Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why you should tweet?

I am one among the many millions out there who belong to the social era. The world is socializing much more than it ever did before. If facebook were a country, it’d be third largest in terms of population. Facebook (and even the damned orkut) is really famous in India. Twitter is a similar service with even a simpler goal, share all you can in 140 words.

I have found many teenagers (especially college goers) not use Twitter. It is not really surprising considering twitter doesn’t have many entertaining’y things like photo tagging, liking every damn comment, etc. Twitter is the best example for “simplicity”. The inception of twitter has rendered many bloggers lazy to even blog regularly, as they start tweeting more about things rather than writing lengthy blogs.

In this post, i want to publish my opinions on why teenagers should tweet or atleast use twitter.

Source of Information
Twitter is really a great source of information. Let it be technical information or some interesting news from/about your favorite celebrity, the first place where you can find it is twitter. If some hot news is being flashed in the tv channels worldwide, then you bet its definitely trending on twitter. You really get an instant, unbiased view of many people all around the world on any topic. This kind of rapid fire spread of a news is more common in twitter than in facebook because of twitter’s short and sharp nature.

Social Media is a fancy term used these days to indicate the facebook, twitter and co. Not only social media provides entertainment and helps you kill your time in the form of facebook, it also gives your brain some real value additions in the form of 140 characters.

Many teenagers (atleast my friends) have the opinion that twitter is for geeks. Whenever i hear someone say this, i go WTH. Twitter is definitely much more than a source of useful information. You have entertaining discussion going on between not just your friends, but also with many other people with whom you might have just dreamt of before. (For example, i have got one or two replies from my favorite singer Chimayi).

Short lifetime of tweets
You post a status update in facebook, and it definitely lies around in your homepage (in the form of notifications, etc.) for a minimum of one day (mostly more than that). Whereas lifetime of a tweet is much shorter than that. Your tweet will remain in your followers’ home page for hardly a few minutes. So all the communication and sharing remains up to date and instant. This point could be argued either ways as both advantageous and disadvantageous. But in facebook, after some 50 odd notifications over a period of week, i’d regret why i liked a status in the first place.

I am not coming to say that facebook is bad. Facebook has its own use case. The status messages in facebook are meant to be lingering around one’s homepage for a longer period of time. Hence twitter should be the real tool that shall be used to post real time updates, where people can comment on it instantly too. Also, tweets come up in what is called Google Realtime Search results.

Internet is huge and a few years back Google revolutionized it by organizing the information available in the internet. That was purely an algorithmic approach, whereas today, twitter is trying to generate and organize information based on one’s personal context, supplemented by algorithms. So, join twitter today and i promise i’ll follow you :-P

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