Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Introducing Way2Droid - Way2SMS for Android !

This is one of the very few android apps that I have managed to get into a publishable state. This is a simple app that allows you to quickly send SMS messages using your data plan/wifi for free with a valid Way2SMS.com account. It uses way2sms-php library (read below for description of the library)!

Features include:
  • Add any way2sms account
  • Easy to use editor
  • Pick your contacts
  • Set upto 9 speed dials
  • Send messages of any length ( no 140 character limit )
  • Log sent messages in stock SMS
  • Send in background
Download APK: Link here!


Open Source Way2SMS API

I have developed and a free API for sending SMS using Way2SMS as the gateway. The API has been developed using PHP.

To use the API and send SMS, simply send a HTTP request to the following URL:
The fields enclosed in curly braces are the parameters and they are fairly self explanatory!

A sample usage in Python is as follows:
>>> import urllib2
>>> f = urllib2.urlopen('http://www.foamsnet.com/smsapi?username=username&password=password&to=12345&msg=hello+from+api')
>>> print f.read()
Sent successfully to 12345

Yes. Its that simple! Source code for the library can be found at: http://code.google.com/p/way2sms-php



  1. Awe-Fcuking-some.. Can i get one for iphone. I swear i have been ideating on one such app since ages. And, contradicting popular belief, ppl using iphone are also money conscious and want to / not to spend on SMS. Pls can u make one for iphone OS4. My Tw handle is @OyeBehenDeTakke.

  2. Oh man,this is bloody awesome,excellent work..

  3. Awesome, much better than many other way 2 sms programs.

    I'm suggesting some features which you can think of including in the next version.
    All the best keep up the good work.

    1. auto clear option after the msg is successfully send.
    2.Option to send msg to multiple contacts.
    3. Show previous send msgs ( last 10 or 20 msgs)
    4. After picking the address through speed dial Address bar to show up the complete phone number once in text editing mode so as to be sure of the address before sending.
    5. Integrating address bar with contacts to enable type and instant search (drop down)
    6. Relocate the send button so that it is not covered by the keyboard in portrait mode.

  4. Hi Nikhil,

    Thanks a lot for your comments.

    I have already been working on few of the features you mentioned (drop down for contacts, speed dial to show up number).

    I am currently stuck with some other priorities and hence not able to put time on this. If you are a fellow android developer too, then i'd be more than glad to add you as a committer in the project (as you may be aware its open sourced and hosted in google code). Please let me know!

  5. Hi,
    can I use your hosted API in my Android application Free SMS Sender?
    I have been asked by my users to implement way2sms.com so I did, but now I found you have php based API which could make the sending faster and take less mobile data.
    Feel free to contact me at freesmssender@vojtisek.cz


  6. Hi Michal,

    I have sent an email to you about the same :)

  7. Hello Vignesh,

    You really don't know how much I am thankful to you. This is an Awesome app for me to send smses to my friends in India. Moreover the log to sent items is as if its real (sms) sent items. There are always room for improvement but that doesn't really matter when the usefulness is concerned.

    One word - Awesome and 5 star.

    All the best.

  8. Hey Yr Apps IS NICE but include sms text Character

  9. Haai folks,
    Here is the working PHP - cURL,JAVA,C++,vb..etc way2sms API ,160by2 API,FullonSMS API.SMS440 API,site2sms API,wayforsms API. with full source code ,used by millions.(non curl script is also avilable )
    Visit http://Www.Alfredfrancis.in/alfasms-api now.
    Use it & share it

  10. Hey,i used above script.Really cool.You can use it to create your own android,iphone apps..

  11. Why not use the reliable API's available at ubaid.tk ? The API's are now used by developers of all platforms, let it be iOS , android or Windows Phone. These API's work the same way, whether you use it in your website, or your mobile app.
    The API is now sending more than 2 Million SMS per month, and is up from more than a year now.

    Give it a try, i'm sure it wont let you down!


  12. hey i have downloaded.apk of this application,but when i try to run it,there is one message like "Overrite existing custom game/service files?"
    When i click on ok it is again showing some messages,but i can't overcome to it...
    So what can i do???
    Please help me...
    my email id is anil25bhatiya@gmail.com

  13. hey that url is not working

    it simply hangs

  14. Hi Vignesh Venkat ,

    This API not working ,and i am also send mess by put in URL directly but there is not getting mess on my nu..please check it and reply me on my mail id shivanshsaxena99@gmail.com