Monday, October 10, 2011

This, That and More - The story of our Farewell :-)

Its the time of life that almost everyone has to experience. There is always a time when extreme fun ends. The farewell to college life is the event where one really realizes what he/she has done over the past 5 years, how lame he/she has been over the past 5 years, where he/she realizes the actuality that this part of life is going to end soon.

It was one such day in our lives. October 8, 2011 - The day that made many people who hadn't knew what a tear was previously in their lives cry their ass off.

The day was full of surprises. It wasn't just the day. The whole tale of farewell, right from the informal invitation to the formal invitation to the awesome ride to the farewell venue (which we never knew till we got there) was full of surprises.

Suspension Memo

Let me rewind back a few days to start telling this story. It was a usual day in college and I was with my friend in a nearby pani poori shop. My phone started ringing and at first I was kind of amused to see that it was my dad calling me (usually he never calls me unless its some emergency). I picked up the call and he said, "hey whats happening in college? we have received a letter from college that looks very threatening. it says you are suspended!". At first thought, though i was shocked, I definitely knew it was some prank. Then i asked him to read it out fully and confirmed it was indeed a prank. It was the informal farewell invitation that i was talking about! Many people fell for the letter. Few girls even started crying right away when their parents called!

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Handmade Invitation

Two days before farewell, the juniors asked us all to assemble in a classroom during lunch. It was quite a small classroom and there were 130 people in it. Needless to say the amount of noise we were producing would definitely turn all the heads to look at us. Then, each one of the juniors came and gave us an invitation. My first thought on seeing the invitation was that it was really awesome. For one, it was totally handmade. 70 handmade invitations? Thats a loooooootttttt of work to do!! It also had a nice picture of both our batches together. As one of my friends rightly pointed out, "anyone can spend a lot of money, but putting in effort for preparing 70 invitations really shows love!".

Note that, its just two days to farewell, and we don't know the venue yet.


To add to all the expectations, the juniors released a trailer video for the farewell. Still, no clue of the venue! They kept us guessing!

The D Day - Assembly at IM Amphitheater

Even on the day of farewell, we didn't know the venue. We all gathered at IM amphitheater, 5 or 6 juniors were along with us to direct the proceedings. When everyone was there, the first instruction was to "Proceed to Peelamedu Bus Stop". People started fussing! What? Bus stop? Really?

The Journey to the Venue!

The first surprise of the day was parked at Peelamedu Bus Stop, we weren't going to take a city bus. There was a specially arranged bus which was waiting to take us to the venue! Even the bus driver was properly trained to play along with the lines of juniors to keep up the suspense of the venue!

The bus first started westward (towards lakshmi mills), so the first thing we did was to strike off of the major hotels on the east (jennys club, park plaza and le meridian). The bus journey was on and so was the music and dancing within no time. The bus slowed down and stopped in front of Tristar Deja Vu! Everyone shouted saying, "Yaay! We've reached! Our guess was right!". One of the junior guys got down and talked to the hotel security. He came back into the bus and said, "This hotel is very bad, olunga paint kooda adikala, we'll go somewhere else!". That was the heights of surprise!

Then the bus took a "U" turn. Everyone was able to guess the venue after the U turn! It was definitely one of the three hotels which we struck off earlier. The journey went on, along with the music and dance. We crossed jennys club and park plaza. Now everyone knew the venue! It was Le Meridian!

Le Meridian - Kovai Ballroom 1

Amidst of really personal warm welcome, we entered the room. My first thought on entering the room was "WOW"! I was totally speechless, it was amazingly decorated and well lit.

First item of the day was to celebrate the birthday of an unlucky junior soul. Unlucky because there were around 70 people waiting in the queue to wish him with birthday bums! There was a nice bigg cake with which we celebrated his as well as few others' birthday who fell in the proximity of few days.

Next was a video depicting how we have evolved over the past 5 years. The video rekindled many nice memories from our past. It indeed amazed me to know how much everyone has changed in personality over 5 years. Then came a tea break.

Next was a funny game. It was named "Balloon Bamblimaas!" :-) We were divided into 6 teams. Each team had to choose a person, who will sit on a chair. Rest of the team members have to place a balloon in the first person's lap and burst it by sitting on it! Team who bursts the maximum balloons will win! It was a fun game and as one of my friends very aptly pointed it out, "S.J.Surya kooda indha maari oru game a yosichirukka mattan da!" :-)

Then there was dancing for quite a while with various pairs formed by the juniors! Also, there were special performance by two awesome dancers of my batch, Santhosh and Michael along with the awesome dancer of the juniors batch, Shyam!

Then was the game named "Queen of Sheeba" (never mind the spelling). The queen will ask for an item, which we will have to fetch from some junior and hand it over to the queen. It was ultimate fun. The first thing that queen asked was for a t shirt. One guy was literally stripped in the process of obtaining the t shirt! ;-) Then was many other fun things like cigarette packet, hair clip and gold chain.

Amidst of all things we had lunch. Usually when we get free lunch, that will be the talking point. But in case of yesterday, no one even bothered to say "yaay free lunch". So much was the effect it had on all of us!

Then, there was a challenge wherein guys were asked to wear saree on stage with girls' help orally from their seats, followed by a cat walk and dance! Few of them did it quite successfully!!

Next was, they gave us all a token of rememberance. They had a song for every one of us and kept us guessing who the next person was. The gift was really awesome! It was a wooden piece with each of our photo carved in it along with a statement from their batch! So personalized and so amazing! It was really wonderful! They also gave us a booklet which had feedbacks about our batch from faculty, seniors and juniors.

Then came the feelings part of the day. The part which many thought can get over easily but went in the totally opposite manner. A video was screened. The video again showed various pictures of us over the 5 years. In the last scene of the video, few juniors were talking about things we'll miss and things they'll miss after we go away from college. The scene was well shot with only candle lights. The lights in the auditorium was switched off during the video screening and we were all totally into the video. The last sentence in the video was, "idhellam en panrom edhuku panrom nu engaluku therila. aana neenga therinjukanum nu nenachingana konjam pinnadi thirumbi paarunga! (இதெல்லாம் ஏன் பண்றோம் எதுக்கு பண்றோம்னு தெரியல. ஆனா நீங்க தெரிஞ்சுக்கணும்னு நெனசீங்கன்னா கொஞ்சம் பின்னாடி திரும்பி பாருங்க). Next moment was the one which made many cry. We all turned around, all the lights in the auditorium came on, 70 juniors were standing with each of them holding up a heart shaped balloon in their hands! That was totally the moment of the day! Unforgettable for life!

What happened after that was quite undescribable with words. Overall, it was indeed an amazing day. I was so happy to see the effort that the juniors have put in, in even the tiniest of things. Their attention to detail and level of personalization was highly amazing. In the end, the day concluded with a simple formula, Xanthronz + Embergs = Xanbergs! As one of the facebook statuses aptly described it: 9 A.M - Xanthronz! 11 A.M - Embergs! 5 P.M - Xanbergs!!

Kudos to every single junior who has worked hard and showered your love to make this day make a mark in our hearts permanently!



  1. Lakshmi ChockalingamOctober 10, 2011 at 7:23 PM

    Anna, thank you so much... It means a lot to us...

  2. Thank you so much anna :)

  3. Very fine description.. Must have been really thrilling to experience..

  4. Nice :-) Well Written...I was so much reminded of our farewell :-)

    1. every time we miss college, i just read through this to remember how happy we were back then! :-)